Non-Discrimination Policy

San Marcos Basketball does not discriminate against the players, player's families, coaches, or other participants in the basketball programs and games based on:

San Marcos Basketball does not welcome and tolerate any form of harassment, a form of discrimination that negatively affects the sports environment. By harassment, we refer to any action or words that are, or should be known to be, humiliating, embarrassing, offensive, demeaning, or unwelcome; subtle microaggression and expressions of prejudice.

Some examples of harassment that San Marcos Basketball does not encourage nor tolerate are:

Our nonprofit organization is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our coaches, players, staff, families, and others participating in our activities or operations.

We do not tolerate discrimination affecting our basketball teams and coaches, and we encourage inclusive attitudes and behaviors from the families or participants in our training sessions or games.

Contact us to report discriminatory behaviors and attitudes.