Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can become a San Marcos Basketball coach if you have played high school or college basketball.

However, all our coaches are volunteer basketball coaches who don't get paid. So, if you are passionate about teaching basketball, have the necessary experience, and are willing to volunteer your time to our non-profit organization, don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes, we offer basketball scholarships for players from low-income or struggling families when we have sponsorships, but you will need to provide proof of your difficult financial situation. Read more about our partial and full basketball scholarships here.

Yes, they can drop out anytime if they can't keep up with the basketball training. However, if they drop out, they can't return.

No, usually, players must have medium to advanced basketball skills by the time they join our competitive teams. Kids and teens who are ready to play competitively already have experience and skills from playing basketball in other clubs or are the best players in recreational leagues.

The coaches will determine the players' skills, and if they have never played before, they are advised to start with recreational basketball and work hard if their goal is to play competitively.

Yes, our coaches will evaluate your basketball skills upon tryouts. If you are good enough to be able to hang on the teams and practices, our coaches will let you know right away. However, after being evaluated, our coaches sometimes call you back for another tryout.

Our basketball tryouts are free - register here.

Yes, our coaches evaluate your basketball skills. Camp groups are organized on different difficulty levels. You can find out more about our basketball camps and register here.

Yes, we train hard all year round and participate in basketball tournaments all year round.

We play in basketball tournaments in Orange County, Los Angeles, Corona, Anaheim, Riverside, and San Diego, so they do not require hotel accommodations. We rarely play in tournaments out of town that require hotel accommodations.

No, participation in basketball tournaments is included in the fee. Check our pricing details here.

Yes, there are basketball teams for 3rd & 4th & 5th & 6th-grade boys and 8th & high school-grade girls. San Marcos Basketball has competitive basketball teams only with coaches who are competitive and passionate about the game and grow their players.

Yes, our non-profit basketball organization needs volunteers, coaches, and coach assistant volunteers. Please contact us if you can volunteer your time and want to support our efforts.

San Marcos Basketball has an A and a B team for each grade. The A team is usually a tournament team - they play in tournaments, local and travel tournaments. Getting into an A team is more difficult than joining the B team, as it requires more basketball skills.

The B team plays in local leagues such as Thrive SD and San Diego Sol.

If you want to support our non-profit basketball organization, you can make a donation, share the link to our donation page with others, or volunteer your time as a coach or coach assistant.

We really appreciate donations as they contribute to our basketball scholarships for players who struggle financially.

San Marcos Basketball teams participate in 1-2 tournaments per month, plus the league games.

On average, the San Marcos Basketball teams play 2-3 games per weekend. We play in all local tournaments and leagues.

San Marcos Basketball teams have 8-9 players. We keep our teams small, so we ask for commitment and seriousness.

To train with San Marcos Basketball, you have to be a maximum age of 13 - you have to be either in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.

Yes. While we coach the kids as a nonprofit sports organization and we do not get paid, there is an $80 one-time fee for the jersey and shorts. There are also facility fees per month; you can find all the details about the fees by checking our Pricing page.

You might want to check out our scholarship opportunities if you struggle financially.

Yes, San Marcos has basketball leagues for youth players with elevated skills that can play travel ball. Local travel competitive teams for elementary, middle, and high schoolers participate in our competitive league games and tournaments.

Our teams won several tournaments and league championships - check out our trophies, medals, and overall achievements here.

Our basketball teams for boys and girls practice weekly at Eden Park Gym in San Elijo Hills, San Marcos, CA.

Our tryouts are part of our regular practice and occur on Tuesdays or Thursdays. How this works is that you can join our basketball tryouts for free, come play basketball with us, and our coaches can ask you to come back for another tryout. Sometimes, they will tell you immediately if you made the team. Only kids prepared to play competitive basketball or in tournaments will make the teams.

Players who can't come to practice are off the teams. We ask all our basketball players for 80% of commitment to our practice schedule. Please do not join our basketball teams if you can't offer this commitment.

For-profit basketball clubs will charge you about four times more than our non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations' basketball programs are more accessible in terms of pricing because they are focused on supporting talented local players.

Another difference between non-profit basketball organizations and basketball clubs is that the first doesn't accept you in their teams to make a profit. Just like San Marcos Basketball, nonprofit sports organizations only accept you if your talent and skills are enough to play competitive basketball or if you are willing to learn and train hard with us.

San Marcos Basketball has a fixed practice schedule Mondays(shooting practice)/Tuesdays(team practice)/Thursdays(team practice)/Fridays(agility practice) at Eden Park Gym In San Marcos. Please check out our teams' schedules here.

The cost of practicing with San Marcos Basketball is $370 per season. Learn more on our pricing page.

There are four basketball seasons that usually last about three months, and San Marcos Basketball teams play in all seasons: the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter basketball seasons.

Not all kids get to play in games; some may need a few more months of practice. We will notify players who are ready to play in competitive league games. Your child or teenager will be able to play competitive games if they have enough skills to be on our competitive trabel basketball teams.

No, the basketball teams change as they are based on the players' skill levels. Your child will play in different team configurations depending on their basketball skills.