Basketball Skills Building Camp

If you have any questions about the camps please text 760-696-7959.
Girls only basketball camps are available at very affordable prices through our partner Prolific basketball camps.

Aug 19th - 23th (5 days mon-fri)
9 am -12 pm
3rd - 8th grade
Alga Norte Outdoor Court
Tony Laguna - San Marcos High School Coach

10 spots available | Price: $150

To train efficiently, the players will be separated into groups of 5-6 players. We'll organize the players in groups depending on their advanced, intermediate, or beginner skill levels.

This basketball camp is for those who want to develop or enhance their explosive movement ability and improve their speed to perform better on the court. It's a comprehensive agility and quickness training camp that will advance every participant's basketball game speed and open new pathways to explosive performance.

Some of the key elements of this camp are:

  • developing body control to enhance speed and agility
  • strategies and techniques for moving faster with the ball
  • enhancing offensive and defensive skills
  • developing a fast-paced play by improving posture, footwork, and arm swing
  • perfecting running mechanics for explosive speed and agility on the court
  • boosting neuromuscular memory to generate faster movements